Monday, July 22, 2013

Shoe Addiction

What is it about shoes that makes people (like my mom and me) find the need to leave a store with six pairs each? Why do we as women find it necessary to try on three wedges, four black flats, two pumps, and two sandals when in reality, we really do not actually need any more shoes? As we change our closets from winter to summer, the amount of shoes which cover the entire bedroom floor, has recently begun to flow out into the hallway as well.

As stated in a classic example of sisterly love/hate relationships and family rivals, In Her Shoes, women own so many shoes because "they always fit." Whether you eat a carton of Ben & Jerry's ice cream on a Monday night or Italian food while out on a date, your shoes will always fit! Women take pride in their shoe collection because shoes are a prime example of style and more so, personality.  No matter how frumpy you may feel, shoes can bring your outfit from feeling mediocre to fabulous in no time.

The first thing I look at when I meet a person is the type of shoes they are wearing.  The rules apply as much for males as they do for females. While men like to see women dressed up with a nice pair of heels or boots on, women enjoy seeing men in anything besides sneakers (loafers and oxfords do exist!) A persons shoes can tell a story about their mood, sensitivity, creativity and versatility. So, before heading to the bar or lounge this week, look down at your feet and make sure you are wearing a pair of either fun, funky, fancy, or fabulous shoes that describe who you are.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Red White and Blue

With the 4th of July right around the corner, everyone is making their last minute grocery store pick-ups (blueberries and strawberries) and finalizing their festive outfits. The 4th of July is one of the only days it is entirely acceptable to deck out from head to toe in red, white, and blue. 
Outfits that incorporate a combination of stars and stripes would be frowned upon on any other day, so pull out everything you have and find something that works for a beach-chic, backyard classy, or couture cocktail outing! 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Get 'Em While It's Hot

As the summer hits, temperatures begin to rise reaching 100 degrees at mid day in NYC.  Stepping outside the front door, your hair begins to frizz, skin feels sticky, and your fabulous sunglasses start sliding down your nose. It is always a question of what to wear when you hear the 7AM weather report stating "high of 98 degrees, very humid, and slight chance of evening showers." So, one-you need an outfit that is heat conscious, two-still work appropriate, and three-semi-rain proof (don't forget the umbrella).

1-An A-Line Skirt or Dress
The fit of an a-line skirt or dress is perfect for the heat.  The cinch at the waist line allows you to show off your figure but also allows you to breathe.  Form fitting pieces are not the way to a cooler walk to and from the subway. Try a light fabric, like linen and stay away from silk!

2- The Marvelous Maxi 

A maxi dress is always easy to slip on in the morning and can be quickly dressed up with fabulous fun jewelry.  Purchase at least one solid color maxi dress for the staple throw on item of the summer.  Never wear flip-flips (these are for pedicures and the beach only!) Always pair a maxi dress with wedges to work-- this will help elongate your legs, and cute sandals on the weekend around town. When cooler out, pop a blue or white denim jacket over top!

3- Semi-Casual Short 
By the time Friday rolls around, it is time to kick off the pumps and wedges and line up a pair of sleek sandals, work-appropriate dress shorts and a flowy blouse. Shorts are perfect for those relaxed days at the office, as long as they reach below your finger tips (middle school rule).  Purchase a pair of pattern shorts to add a pop of arty fun for Friday.